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Work hard.
Do great work.
Be good to people.

Hello James.

Here are a few samples of my storytelling you might not be familiar with – from a short mini-doc about the world’s fastest woman on an electric sidecar motorcycle…

to a story about a boy who builds a time machine:

I have created and overseen production of 200+ videos for digital distribution and 100+ television commercials and have extensive knowledge of all aspects of pre and post-production. I know how to work within a broad range of budgets.

My work forges connections between brands and people. I am also highly skilled at interviewing real people and helping them tell their stories, as the intercept interviews (below) demonstrate.

I have a genuine passion for innovative work that solves client problems. Having worked with 80+ brands, I bring a broad range of experience, depth of knowledge and proven creative skills.

“I had him present to the Postmaster General and USPS execs. He blew the room away. He has the ability to explain his ideas clearly and in terms a client appreciates…”
Jim Gorman | Campbell Ewald

“A top creative executive who brings a strong client focus and an innate ability to craft compelling customer-focused messaging and advertising tactics to the table.”
Kevin Mizuhara | Microsoft 

“An incredibly articulate presenter and a superb writer. He never panics or loses his temper but remains cheerful and even tempered.”
Jeremy Warshaw | The Observatory

I write, design and publish The Road Electric, a website that offers a fresh look at electric vehicles and alternative energy. The article above (like many others on The Road Electric) is entirely original content.

If you were a fan of “Northern Exposure” you might get a kick out of this Rosey Awards bumper from years ago featuring Moultrie Patton aka “Walt the Trapper.”

Thanks for keeping me in mind.

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