I write and publish The Road Electric, a website that offers a fresh look at electric vehicles and alternative energy. These two articles – Odyssey and Paradise – are entirely original content, as are many other articles on the site.

Capturing the quintessence of a brand in a very few words or images for outdoor media is like poetry, only for commerce. I love the challenge of creatively “distilling” things down to the core essence.

POS poster for Sea-Doo dealerships. I’ve also created hundreds of web and social media videos for Sea-Doo and other BRP brands like Can-Am ATV, Spyder, Ski-Doo and Evinrude.


I love telling stories. From stories about the world’s fastest woman in an electric sidecar streamliner to wonderful folks with a dog named Evoo who bought windows. Even stories about home standby generators. Click 01 for more.


Theater of the mind. Wonderful stuff. You can listen to more by clicking on 04.

I’ve presented creative to the Postmaster General of the United States as well as a Senior VP who had narcolepsy (which I didn’t know beforehand). They make for interesting stories, but more importantly demonstrate that I’m also handy at C-level interactions.


One of the websites I’ve written, designed and produced in WordPress. While I’m not a coder, I know how to modify and manipulate html and css. See more at 02.